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2012 Mini Cycling Jersey
Image of the "2012 Mini Cycling Jersey" product. The Seeing Eye miniature Gran Fondo NJ 2012 cycling jersey features the same design as the classic cycling jersey.
Plush golden retriever - Large
Image of the "Plush golden retriever - Large" product. The golden retriever has a long, dense coat in a golden color with even longer fur on top of the head, ear, and paws. It measures 15" from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail and is machine washable. The pups, with black leather noses and dark amber eyes, meet or exceed the safety requirements of ASTM. Each pup proudly wears a red and gold Seeing Eye bandanna.
2013 Gran Fondo Mini Jersey
Image of the "2013 Gran Fondo Mini Jersey" product. The Seeing Eye miniature Gran Fondo NJ 2013 jersey comes on a plastic hanger with suction cup for easy mounting on a window or other slick surface and fits perfectly on our small plush pups. This beautiful short-sleeved, full-zip men’s or women’s cut cycling jersey is made of CS Tech materials for superior comfort and wicking. The jersey’s front features a doggy cheering section of Seeing Eye® dogs and puppies which include an adult German shepherd in harness lying down, a Lab and golden retriev
Plush Puppies - Small
Image of the "Plush Puppies - Small" product. Our popular plush Seeing Eye puppies in a cuter size. The black and yellow Labs have smooth coats, while the golden retriever has a fluffy, curly coat. The small pups’ ears are perked up at attention and all have velvety soft noses. Each pup wears a red bandana printed with the Seeing Eye logo in metallic gold.
Eco-Friendly Shopping Tote
Image of the "Eco-Friendly Shopping Tote" product. Show your support for The Seeing Eye and be the envy of fellow shoppers! Made from recycled material, this black Seeing Eye Eco-Tote shopping bag measures 12.5” wide x 13.5” tall x 8.5” deep. The handles are 1.25” wide x 24” tall. The Seeing Eye is included in vertical mustard text alongside three dogs pictured on the bag (also vertically): an adult golden Retriever, black Lab puppy, and adult German shepherd.
Plush yellow Lab - Large
Image of the "Plush yellow Lab - Large" product. Plush yellow Labrador retriever has a short shiny coat and a head shape that says, "I'm all Lab!" It measures 15" from nose to tail and is machine washable. With a red and gold Seeing Eye bandanna around its neck, the Lab has a black leather nose and dark amber eyes.
Full Color Car Magnet
Image of the "Full Color Car Magnet" product. The Seeing Eye car magnet is hard to miss. A full-color picture of four dogs sitting on a field of green grass with a bright blue sky behind them. There's an adult German shepherd and an adult yellow Labrador retriever (both in harness) seated behind, and a golden retriever puppy and black Lab puppy in front. The words "The Seeing Eye" and "" appear below the dogs. Dimensions = 5 inches by 6 inches
Temporary Puppy Tattoos
Image of the "Temporary Puppy Tattoos" product. Twelve temporary tattoos featuring assorted adorable Seeing Eye puppies. Consisting of various poses of sitting, laying down and just looking cute. Also included in the selection is our Seeing Eye logo.
Plush chocolate Lab - Large
Image of the "Plush chocolate Lab - Large" product. Measuring 13" from nose to tail, this huggable chocolate Lab plush is available for adoption! It has a soft black leather nose and dark amber eyes and wears a red Seeing Eye® bandanna that has The Seeing Eye's logo in metallic gold.
The Seeing Eye Dog Bone Key Chain
Image of the "The Seeing Eye Dog Bone Key Chain" product. Keep all your keys in hand with The Seeing Eye dog bone key chain! Measuring 2" x 3", this dark green keychain is embossed with The Seeing Eye's registered trademark. The dog bone carabineer opens just wide enough to helpfully attach your keys to a belt loop, a purse strap, or a laptop strap. The carabineer itself is slim enough to fit nicely in a back pocket.
Plush German shepherd Puppy - Small
Image of the "Plush German shepherd Puppy - Small" product. Add this small German shepherd plush puppy to your Seeing Eye collection. Its soft fluffy coat is hard to resist; and each pup pup wears a red bandana printed with the Seeing Eye logo in metallic gold.