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photo of a german shepherd and yellow Lab sitting in field

Transforming Obstacles Into Victories.

Know Your Rights

Our Advocacy Council offers assistance when access rights are at stake. Read about rights & responsibilities. 

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The Partnership Continues

The Seeing Eye continues to provide follow-up support and services after class ends. Perhaps there is a particularly tricky intersection nearby or a graduate has moved and must adjust to a new environment.  Whatever the challenge, the school is available for help. If an issue cannot be resolved by telephone, Seeing Eye instructors will visit the graduate at home to assist in any way possible.  This commitment to outstanding follow-up service is one of the hallmarks of The Seeing Eye program.

quote from a graduate

Another key element of the program is its ownership policy. Once the team leaves the campus, the dog is owned by the graduate, not The Seeing Eye. A first-time student pays a $150 fee for a Seeing Eye dog, while anyone returning for a subsequent dog pays $50, a reflection of each student’s investment in and commitment to this special partnership.

Advice and support is a phone call away when a graduate encounters access challenges or when facing the loss or retirement of a dog.

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