Information for Animal Control & Police Officers

Strict enforcement of leash laws and other dog-related ordinances, regulations, and statutes is vital for the safe travel of dog guide teams!

Loose or poorly controlled dogs pose a significant threat to dog guide teams. The eminent danger to a blind individual whose Seeing Eye dog is being attacked or subjected to interference is potentially far greater than the danger posed to pet owners who do not require the services of their dogs to travel safely and independently.

People who are blind must also face these incidents without the ability to use vision to defend themselves or their dog guides. Moreover, attacks and interference can be costly in terms of injury, veterinary care, retraining, replacement, emotional trauma and loss of mobility for the blind handler.

The vast majority of interference and attacks occur on public property. Many of these incidents involve repeated offenses by the very same dog. If the police and animal control were to step up their efforts to restrain dogs at large, especially in areas where dog guide teams typically travel, these negative encounters could be greatly reduced. Likewise, timely action when responding to calls and thoroughly investigating and reporting all interference and attack incidents involving dog guide teams would also help to minimize future risks.

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