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a photo of a Yellow Labrador in harness facing German shepherd and golden retriever puppies.

Turning Seeing Eye dogs into partners in life's triumphs.

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Opening your heart & home to a puppy brings added joy … knowing you’ve changed someone’s life for the better. Learn more about puppy raising.

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The Seeing Eye Puppy-Raising Program

A chubby yellow Lab puppy laying inside a teal colored tube at the Breeding StationUntil a Seeing Eye dog is ready for training, it spends its time with a "foster family", a family that gives the dog love, gentle guidance, and consistent care.  You and your family (children AND adults) can nurture a puppy to accomplish its special destiny.

quote from a graduate

In 1942 the school partnered with 4-h to organize and maintain puppy-raising clubs. Although many of our clubs still have a strong 4-h connection, there are also many clubs independent of 4-h. Clubs meet regularly to plan outings, provide socialization and share tips on teaching good puppy behavior.

When it’s time for the puppy to begin formal training, the dog returns to The Seeing Eye to learn to assist a blind person in leading a more independent, fulfilling life.  Be a part of the magic of The Seeing Eye!  Volunteer to raise a puppy with a special destiny.

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