Apply Online

Prospective new students may apply either by calling to request an application (800) 539-4425, emailing, or by completing an online application.

As a general rule, the process will follow these steps:

  • The references you provide will automatically receive a reference request email when you submit your online application.
  • The applicant receives a personal visit from an instructor. Visits are usually scheduled after review of reference letters.
  • Once visit report is reviewed, the applicant is sent medical forms.
  • The completed file is reviewed by the Admissions Committee.
  • The applicant is notified of the decision. Acceptance may or may not include a class date.
  • Class dates are finalized based on space as well as availability of best-suited dog.


The time involved in the process varies, depending on these factors:

  • How quickly your references respond to our requests.
  • Availability of an instructor for your personal visit.
  • How quickly your doctor returns your medical forms to The Seeing Eye.


Generally, once an applicant is accepted, class placement is within three to six months.

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