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Help Us Meet our $90k Match!

By James A. Kutsch, Jr., President & CEO, The Seeing Eye

Two golden retriever puppies peeking through a sheet, next to the headline: “2X life changing freedom+mobility”

Enhanced Independence. Dignity. Self-confidence.

These are the life-changing gifts you help provide people who are blind and visually impaired when you pair them with a Seeing Eye® dog. It’s that simple.

And right now, your support has twice the transformative power thanks to three generous friends of The Seeing Eye! That’s because they have offered to match your gift — dollar for dollar — up to $90,000* in honor of our 90th Anniversary!

So please, I am asking you to make a gift today of $90 or more. Your generosity will celebrate and continue The Seeing Eye’s 90-year legacy of providing enhanced freedom, independence, mobility, and confidence for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Every year, hundreds of people come to our New Jersey campus to be trained and matched with their Seeing Eye dog. I want to give that opportunity to as many people as possible — but I can’t do that alone.

The Seeing Eye receives no government funding and we haven’t increased our student fees since the 1930s.

That’s why you play such a critical role. And today, thanks to $90,000 in matching funds, your generosity is twice as powerful. Please make your gift!

People I meet are often amazed by what Vegas, my Seeing Eye dog, can do. But I like to remind them that it’s not magic. It’s the result of expert breeding, rigorous training, and the experience we’ve gained as America’s first guide dog school. The support we receive from friends like you is just as essential!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that your gift today — which will be instantly doubled — will change lives. Please be as generous as you can.