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A Message from The Seeing Eye Leadership

Dear Supporters,

As the pioneer guide dog school in the United States, The Seeing Eye was founded in 1929 in response to the historic marginalization of a minority group.  Although our program is directed at empowering people with blindness or visual impairment, we have long maintained a policy of non-discrimination and embraced the ideals of equal treatment for all, without regard to race, religion, gender identity, socio-economic standing, or any other characteristic or group affiliation.  We stand against racism and systemic discrimination and have a profound appreciation that meaningful change comes through thoughtful, respectful, and reflective work by many.

Treating others with the respect and dignity that we desire for ourselves is one of our core values.  As individuals and as an organization, we are actively listening and learning.  The Seeing Eye recognizes that we have work to do that will improve upon our own practices. We will continue striving to ensure that the principles of equitable treatment, non-discrimination, and respectfulness guide us in the very best ways each day forward.

Most sincerely,

Glenn Hoagland
President & CEO

Tom Duffy
Chairman, Board of Trustees