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Day in the Life of a Puppy Raiser

By Sarge, #Futurehero dog reporter

Selfie photo of Melissa and Katelyn Baumgartner outdoors with a German shepherd between them.  Text: “Spend a day in the life… a series about a typical day at The Seeing Eye®”

Sarge here to remind you that January happens to be National Train Your Dog month. For that reason, it’s my favorite month!

This observance is all about bringing awareness to the importance of dog socialization and training, something The Seeing Eye® knows a good deal about!

In fact, we’d like you to meet some folks who know firsthand that trained dogs are happier dogs. Melissa Baumgartner and her daughter Katelyn have been boots-on-the-ground puppy raisers for The Seeing Eye for 15 years and are currently raising their 14th puppy!

So go ahead, even if you have a well-trained dog, teach them something new this month. You can learn some of Melissa and Katelyn’s training tips, tricks and adventures in our Day in the Life of a Puppy Raiser feature on our Facebook page.