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Every Dog Has His Day

By James A. Kutsch, Jr., President & CEO, The Seeing Eye

When I was first matched with Sheba in 1970, my dreams were the same as any other 19-year-old college student: I wanted to graduate and get a job. At the time, few thought it was possible for a blind person to work in a technological field. But with Sheba, I obtained a Ph.D. in computer science, developing one of the first talking computers along the way, and would go on to become a professor. With a Seeing Eye dog at my side I held my newborn son – the doctor had insisted I change out of my clothes and into sterilized scrubs, but they didn’t seem to mind as my dog licked the baby’s foot – and would later start another career in the corporate world. At every one of life’s milestone there was a Seeing Eye dog with me.

Each of those dogs came to me through the hard work and dedication of countless people, some I’ve met and some I’ll never know. Every year, scores of people come from across the United States and Canada to our campus in Morristown, New Jersey, to be matched with these incredible dogs. The instructor who hands them the leash and teaches them the commands is just the final link in a chain that stretches back to every other person who made it possible… including you!

In case you didn't have a chance to see our year end thank you video, you can view it here.