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Get a Seeing Eye Dog’s Perspective

By The Seeing Eye

One morning, Seeing Eye graduate Pat attached a camera to his Seeing Eye® dog Finn’s harness and filmed their commute. In the video, you can watch from Finn’s perspective as the team travels by bus, train, and subway — navigating across busy streets, around a local shop, and eventually to Pat’s office.

Seeing Eye dogs like Finn give people who are blind greater independence, safety and confidence in their daily lives. We hope you enjoy this fun and fascinating peek into the amazing partnerships our graduates and dogs share!

Video Description: A NJ Transit bus pulls up and opens its doors. Pat and Fin board the bus. Next we see Finn seated between Pat's legs, looking out from under the bus seat. Then they disembark from the bus and cross a busy street at a crosswalk.  After that, they are on a NJ Transit train platform and the team is shown boarding and disembarking from the train. Finn guides Pat along the platform, to the stairs and finds the next train they must take on their journey. Finn then guides Pat off the train and up to the busy city streets where they cross another busy intersection in the crosswalk. They make a quick stop at a convenience store where Pat purchases a drink and then they head to the building where Pat works. Finn navigates Pat through security, to the elevator and finds Pat's office. At the end of the video, Finn rests comfortably in a large dog bed with toys that he is chewing on before looking up at the camera as if proud of himself.