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Hugh's Day: Puppy Club

By Craig Garretson, Communications Officer

Hugh, a black Lab, sits in a parking lot, being held on leash by his raiser. In the distance, puppy club members work on obedience commands beneath lights.

Raising a puppy seems like a daunting experience, but don’t worry… you’re not doing it alone!

We take Hugh to Puppy Club meetings where we can meet other Puppy Raisers, and Hugh can meet other puppies. Seeing Eye puppies of all ages get together to practice obedience but, even more importantly, learn how to socialize around other dogs and other people. Some Puppy Raisers are newbies like my family, while others have raised 20 or more!   

With COVID underway, everyone wears a mask at the meeting, and maintains at least a six foot distance. We also meet outside to minimize the risk of spreading infection. The parking lot stripes are a good way to know you’re keeping your distance.

The photo shows Hugh sitting in our “puppy circle”. We form a big circle and leads the puppies around it, sometimes clockwise, sometimes counter-clockwise, and stop at regular intervals to practice “sit,” “down,” and “rest.” It’s getting dark earlier these days, but luckily our parking lot has lights!