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Hugh’s Day: Froyo

By Craig Garretson, Communications Officer

Hugh, a black Lab, sits before the toppings dispensers at a frozen yogurt shop.

One of the most important jobs for Seeing Eye puppy raisers is exposing the puppies to different situations, including bringing them into stores. We recently brought Hugh into a local frozen yogurt shop. The photo shows Hugh, a six-month-old black Labrador retriever puppy wearing a green Seeing Eye puppy bandana, with his leash being held by my elder daughter. He is curiously staring at my younger daughter, who is off camera filling a cup with frozen yogurt. He doesn’t know what that is, but it sure looks interesting!  

Before bringing a Seeing Eye puppy into a place of business, you have to ask permission. Unlike a working Seeing Eye dog, who is generally allowed to go wherever any member of the public is allowed to go, a Seeing Eye puppy can only enter with approval. But families in our area have been raising Seeing Eye puppies for nearly 80 years, so many business owners are familiar with the idea. Not only are they willing to let them in, but are happy to do so… who could resist that face?

Once you obtain permission, there’s one more step: Make sure the floor is clean of any spilled yogurt toppings.