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Hugh's Day: Mushroom Season

By Craig Garretson, Communications Officer

Hugh is seated in the grass, at the end of his leash. Near the camera lens, a hand, covered in a dog waste bag, is holding a white wild mushroom that was just plucked from the lawn.

We’ve had a rainy few days here in the Morristown area, and mushrooms are popping up everywhere. It’s amazing how quickly they can sprout up. To a puppy, they look delicious! But wild mushrooms can make a dog very sick. Never assume that a dog knows the difference between an edible mushroom and a toxic one.

I walk around my lawn every morning and pick up all those mushrooms with a poop bag, before Hugh gets a chance to snack on one.  The photo shows me with a big white mushroom that must have sprouted overnight, with Hugh in the background watching attentively. If your dog eats wild mushrooms, call your veterinarian immediately!