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Hugh's Day: Let's Get Down

By Craig Garretson, Communications Officer

Hugh, a black Lab puppy, rests on the carpet and demonstrates the down command. He's facing the camera which accentuates his long front legs, the product of a growth spurt.

Seeing Eye Puppy Raisers don’t teach puppies how to guide a blind person, but we do teach them basic obedience.

Just like proud parents, of course we think our puppy is the brightest in his class. To his credit, Hugh very quickly learned “sit”, “off” (what we say if he jumps up on people, or tries to get on the furniture), and “rest” (the command we use for “stay”).

But one command stumped him – “down.”

“Down” means lie down. And Hugh is much too energetic and eager to do a silly thing like lie down!

But with a lot of patience from us – and from him! – eventually he figured out what we meant when we said “Hugh, down.”

Now Hugh really gets down. Can you dig it?