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Independence | Confidence | Freedom

By James A. Kutsch, Jr., President & CEO, The Seeing Eye

An image of Carlos & Fenway, his Seeing Eye dog, facing the camera. Another of Fenway next to Carlos in Times Square.

Carlos was matched with his Seeing Eye dog, Fenway, the summer he left his home in Wisconsin to study economics at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Ever since there’s been no stopping this ambitious young man! “With Fenway by my side, I felt like I was getting around just like a sighted person would,” he said.

During classes, Fenway is a well-behaved “student,” lying quietly underneath Carlos’ chair. But Fenway does more than empower Carlos to pursue a degree at the college of his choice. This trusted and specially trained Seeing Eye dog also helps his owner enjoy being a typical college kid. Outside of the classroom, they go to concerts, enjoy dinner with friends, and explore the City of Brotherly Love.

“I knew that Fenway would help me travel more confidently,” says Carlos. “But I never expected him to promote this sense of social acceptance. He’s helped me meet more people. College would be a much different experience if I didn’t have Fenway.”