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Individuals Awaiting Seeing Eye® Dogs Quarantine in Morristown

By Michelle Barlak, Public Relations Specialist

Three Seeing Eye puppies in training are shown in front of The Seeing Eye's main building in Morris Twp, N.J. They are seated beneath a flag pole with the American flag flying overhead. (from L to R) A yellow Lab, black and tan German Shepherd, and golden retriever sit shoulder-to-shoulder, staring proudly into the distance. They are all wearing green Seeing Eye puppy bandanas.

To increase access to its vital services, The Seeing Eye has made arrangements for out-of-state individuals to quarantine in Morristown prior to beginning their training with a new Seeing Eye® dog.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a real challenge to our organization and the people we serve,” said Seeing Eye President & CEO Glenn Hoagland. “While we have adjusted our class size and protocols to allow us to continue to match Seeing Eye dogs with blind individuals, quarantine requirements have presented both an access barrier and a financial hardship to  individuals who live outside New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.”

Each year, people who are blind or visually impaired, from across the United States and Canada, travel to The Seeing Eye to stay for 18 to 25 days so they can be matched and train with their new Seeing Eye dog. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly curtailed handlers’ access to the program if they live outside the tri-state area.

A Morristown hotel is offering a reduced rate to the non-profit organization and is providing breakfast. The Seeing Eye will deliver lunch and dinner to each quarantined individual during their stay. Each individual will contribute a nominal amount toward the expense of their 2-week pre-class hotel stay and meals.