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Introducing Hugh's Day!

By Craig Garretson, Communications Officer

Craig smiles at the camera while Hugh, a black Lab, kisses his ear.

Hi, my name is Craig, and I’ve worked for The Seeing Eye’s Donor & Public Relations team since 2011.
This year, my family and I are raising our first puppy for The Seeing Eye!
Hugh is a black Labrador retriever born on St. Patrick’s Day, so today he is six months old. He’s had all his shots so he’s now ready to explore the world as we prepare him for his life-changing mission… being a Seeing Eye® dog!
As puppy raisers, we are teaching Hugh the basics, like how to sit and lay down. Also housebreaking, which – fingers crossed! – he’s figured out. And of course to chew his toys and not shoes, stay off the furniture, and never, ever eat people food.
But let’s face it… The Seeing Eye has the best dog trainers in the world. They’ll teach Hugh everything he needs to know about being a Seeing Eye dog. Our primary responsibility, while Hugh is still young and eager, is to introduce him to as many different experiences as possible. An unfamiliar experience may startle an older dog, but for a young puppy, everything is new and exciting. In short, Hugh hasn’t learned to be scared yet! So we’ve been taking Hugh around our neighborhood, to stores, to softball and soccer games, and of course to puppy club meetings where he can meet other Seeing Eye puppies and their raisers.
Please join us as we chronicle Hugh’s journey toward becoming a Seeing Eye dog.