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Life of a Seeing Eye dog >> Stage 5

By Sarge, #futurehero dog reporter

Headline: ”Explore the Stages.” A dog looking at a  table with books Stages 1 to 5 of the life of a Seeing Eye dog. Stage 5: Adoption (Retirement) is standing up.

About a year ago, we began our series on The Seeing Eye Journey and shared with you all that goes into this labor of love — preparing an expertly trained Seeing Eye dog and matching him or her with a human partner.

Today, I invite you to take the last step with us — Adoption and Retirement. As a dog in his “Golden Years” himself, I can tell you that life remains enriching after hanging up our harness!

Whether we remain in the home of our graduate, become therapy animals, or just enjoy life as someone’s pet, we love providing comfort and companionship to our humans. (We enjoy getting that all back, too!)

So get comfortable in your favorite chair and enjoy this last chapter of The Seeing Eye Journey.

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