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March 23 COVID-19 Update

By Glenn Hoagland, Seeing Eye President & CEO

Dear Supporters,

First and foremost, I want to extend my best wishes to all of you, to your families and loved ones, that you will stay healthy and safe during this health crisis. We can all certainly look forward to better days ahead.

I last wrote on March 17th to announce that The Seeing Eye was going into a limited operating mode for a couple of weeks, whereby our primary focus would be the care for our dogs and puppies at our Washington Valley and Chester locations. Just about all other staff would be home, working remotely if possible.

Things have obviously been moving quite rapidly as you must all be aware from the continuous news briefings and coverage. This is a new and very different experience for all of us and it will test us in many ways as time unfolds, individually and as an organization. 

This morning the Leadership Team met via conference call for another of our scheduled update meetings to discuss planning and operating matters. Let me highlight some of the main items that we discussed:

  • We are not aware of any employees who are ill with Coronavirus COVID-19.
  • We unanimously agreed that the present situation remains very fluid and requires that we continue meeting frequently to discuss updates and guidelines from local, state, and federal authorities. Presently we are in compliance with all local, state, and federal guidelines and directives, and will make any required changes operationally should further guidance be issued.
  • In my March 17th update, I stated that we had a target date of April 1st for returning to regular operations in order to prepare for our April 27th class.  Each of the aforementioned is highly improbable so from this point forward, we are adopting the posture that classes and other campus activities are indefinitely deferred.  

I, and the entire Leadership Team sincerely appreciate the dedication shown by those of our staff who working on our main campus and at the breeding station to care for our dogs, our facilities, and our employees. We also appreciate the work that is being done remotely to support all aspects of our mission so we don’t skip a beat. We are also deeply appreciative our donors, who are there for us in these hard times.

Thank you, and stay healthy.

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