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Mikie meets Mikie Sherrill

First, Mikie is kneeling and smiling widely as she pets Mikie the shepherd. Next, Mikie is speaking behind a podium while Mike the Seeing Eye dog is seated in front of the podium and beside a miniature dog house on a small table.

Today, Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill toured the Eastern Atlantic States Carpenters Technical College’s Edison Training Center. The Carpenters built a special dog house for the Congresswoman and The Seeing Eye, but what Sherrill didn't know, was that Mikie, the Seeing Eye dog, would be there waiting for her! The 2-year-old German shepherd was named to honor Sherrill for her support of the campaign to designate the Seeing Eye dog as the state dog of New Jersey, which became official in 2019. 

Sherrill was all smiles when she stepped into the room and instantly recognized the special visitor. Mikie, the dog, is in training and awaiting the perfect match.