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My First Month at The Seeing Eye

By Glenn Hoagland, President & CEO

Glen Hoagland

I am so fortunate to be the new President & CEO of The Seeing Eye, the pioneer and still best-known guide dog school in the world.

I have been here for just one month, and I am so impressed with the good work we all do together — our staff, volunteers, trustees, puppy raisers and supporters!  Together we accomplish something amazing: enhancing the independence and dignity of people who are blind or visually impaired through the use of Seeing Eye dogs.

I am just as inspired by the generosity of our loyal supporters — caring people like you, who give from the heart.  Even those who will never need our services. 

Seeing Eye dogs are carefully bred for their special destiny.  They are raised and socialized by our dedicated puppy raisers, whose motto is, “We love them, but somebody else needs them.”  The dogs are then trained by our skilled staff to become exceptional guides. Steeped in the history and core values of our organization, Seeing Eye staff members take great pride in every human-canine team that graduates from the program.

I am thrilled to lead this storied organization, and guide it as each of you helps us to carry out a clear and noble mission.

I look forward to doing this important work together in the coming years.