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New Cookbook Available from The Seeing Eye

A spiral bound copy of Pawsitively Delicious Recipes rests on a wood grain surface.

The Seeing Eye staff takes great pride in providing a home-cooked meal for the students who travel to the Morristown campus to live and train with their new Seeing Eye dogs each month. In fact, the dining experience is an important aspect of our training program as staff are invited to be seated each day at lunch, in advance of the students, who then gain experience navigating through a bustling dining room with their new dog.

For years, staff, students and visitors have remarked at the quality of the meals and suggested that a Seeing Eye cookbook would be a valuable addition to their kitchen. Finally, in 2014, a group of Seeing Eye graduates organized a committee to make this cookbook a reality.

Pawsitively Delicious Recipes from The Seeing Eye contains over 100 recipes, most from our kitchen and several "tried and true" favorites from staff members. The recipes were then tested by 27 volunteers across the country. All of the proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will directly benefit The Seeing Eye mission.