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Raising Robbie: Table Manners

By Craig Garretson, Senior Communications Officer

A male yellow Labrador retriever lying on the floor under the table in a restaurant.

One of the perks of being a Seeing Eye puppy is you get to go places most dogs can't, including in restaurants!

Learning how to behave in a restaurant is an important skill for any service animal. They have to be calm, quiet, and as much as possible, stay under the table at the feet of their person.

We want Robbie to get restaurant experience, but we always ask the owner or manager if it's OK for him to come in with us. After we explain Robbie is a Seeing Eye puppy in training, we've only been told: "Yes, of course!"

Once we're at our table, Robbie lies on the floor at our feet. The best compliment we can get is when we leave and someone says, "I had no idea there was a dog in here!"