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Raising Robbie: Road Trip

By Craig Garretson, Senior Communications Officer

A yellow Lab puppy wearing a green Seeing Eye bandana, is seated on a dock. Small boats drift past him in the water behind him, and there are boat houses in the background.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went on a road trip to Maine with Robbie! The photo shows Robbie, wearing his green Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Program bandana and a black leash, on a wooden pier overlooking the boats in the beautiful harbor of Camden, Maine. It was a long drive, but he did great in the car, settling down quickly and mostly napping. He had fun exploring all the unfamiliar sights and smells at every rest stop, though! Folks in Maine aren’t as familiar with The Seeing Eye as they are back home in New Jersey, but Robbie is a great ambassador and everywhere we went we spread the word about our wonderful mission.