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Remembering Alydar

By Michelle Barlak

I’ll never forget the day I met Alydar, my first Ibizan Hound. At 11 weeks old, he was all legs and ears, but with the eyes of an old soul. We were inseparable until he passed away at age 13. 

I know you may have happy memories and heartwarming stories about your own pets, and we’d love to hear them. Click to share them with us!

Alydar lived an incredibly active life. He always loved having a job to do — and he had several! In his younger days, he competed in dog shows and in a dog sport called coursing

When he was eight years old, Alydar and I became a certified therapy dog team, visiting hospitals twice per week. His calm demeanor helped patients relax, and he often won over people who professed to disliking dogs.

Believe it or not, Alydar had a third career here at The Seeing Eye® as a “distraction dog,” helping teach dogs-in-training how to behave when another animal approaches them.

I hope Alydar’s story brings up fond memories of your own beloved pets. We can’t wait to hear about them — and don’t forget to send photos!

As you think about the special pets in your life, I hope you'll also remember our graduates and their Seeing Eye® dogs. Will you make a gift to help provide greater independence — and companionship — to a person who is blind?