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Seeing Eye Puppies Spotted at Vaccine Site

Three photos of puppies, one golden retriever shown with an older man and then an older woman. A black Lab seated with an older woman. All three people are seated at the post vaccine waiting area.

Bonnie DiCola is a Seeing Eye puppy raiser who has been volunteering at a New Jersey vaccine megasite. Her parents were recently vaccinated and Bonnie submitted these photos of her Seeing Eye puppy named Will, an 8-month-old golden retriever. He calmly waited in line and sat with her parents (both shown with Will), while they were in the post-vaccination observation area. Seeing Eye puppy raiser Lauri is also shown with her Black Lab named Roger. Roger accompanied her while she recently received her vaccine. Being able to wait in line and sit by their handlers patiently and quietly are good skills for our puppies to learn. Thank you puppy raisers!