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Welcome Layka and Lindy!

Dave Johnson and Peggy Gibbon smile while holding two bi-color German shepherd puppies. The pups are black and a small amount of tan. Their mother, a sable German shepherd sits nearby.

The Seeing Eye recently welcomed two new German shepherds to The Seeing Eye family. Layka and Lindy were born at the home of a New Jersey breeder that specializes in German shepherds who do performance work.

It is The Seeing Eye's hope that one or both sisters will grow up to join the breeding program. While the majority of Seeing Eye puppies are bred at The Seeing Eye's location in Chester, NJ, it's important to bring in new dogs from other breeding programs to maintain a diverse and healthy population. The Seeing Eye invests in the genetic diversity of it's breeding stock by exchanging dogs with other guide dog organizations around the world, and occasionally from responsible breeders, like in the case of Layka and Lindy.