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When you work with Seeing Eye Puppies

By Kim Winnington, Area Coordinator

As an Area Coordinator in the Puppy Development department at The Seeing Eye, my day is always packed. I’m currently responsible for 80 puppies in three different states, and they keep me busy!

Here I am delivering a little yellow Lab to the puppy-raising family who will care for her until she’s ready to return to The Seeing Eye for her formal training. Our puppies get their names right before they go to their puppy raisers, and pups in each litter get names starting with the same letter. All the families know in advance is that they’re getting, for example, a female “P,” so they often have fun guessing the name when they first meet their puppy.

A couple times each week, I get together with groups of puppy raisers to help socialize their pups and expose them to busy public places. Sometimes we’ll go to a baseball game or visit a popular tourist spot. Wherever we go, we’re a bit of a spectacle!

Puppy raising is more of a “behind-the-scenes” aspect of The Seeing Eye, so I’m always glad to have the opportunity to share what I do. Thanks for following along.

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