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Your role is “mission-critical.”

By Glenn Hoagland, President & CEO

Closeup photo of a yellow lab, Jaimie, licking the cheek of a smiling, blond haired woman, Jessica.  A play button sits on top of the photo.

I never tire of saying how thrilled and humbled I am to be at The Seeing Eye — working with our passionate staff, volunteers, and board members to match world-class Seeing Eye® dogs with people who are blind.

The role you play is “mission-critical” too, and I am grateful for your partnership.

I hope you’ll take a moment to watch this video which includes our graduate, Jessica.  Learn more about how we — you and I and The Seeing Eye — create the life-changing partnerships between our Seeing Eye dogs and the humans who need them.  (I promise there are some awfully cute canines featured, too!)