As the oldest guide dog school in the world, The Seeing Eye has been a pioneer in the guide dog movement. We have developed a series of resources for pet owners based on our experience training guide dogs that are among the best in the world.

Yay, a Puppy! Now What? 

As adorable as they are, it can sometimes be overwhelming to welcome a puppy into your life. Luckily, we’ve gathered all the wisdom from decades of raising puppies into one FREE, valuable guide. The guide also includes a great offer on gear from our partner, Stunt Puppy. Download it today.


Ten Steps to Training the Seeing Eye Dog Way

For decades, our puppy raisers have used these simple tips to successfully train Seeing Eye puppies to have good manners and obedience. We have adjusted them slightly to suit the pet owner and are confident that these 10 tips, when practiced with patience and consistency, will make a difference in your dog’s behavior. Download it today.


Dog Naming Tips

Stumped On What To Name Your New Dog? No Problem! Dog Naming Tips from The Seeing Eye As the oldest guide dog training school in the world, we name around 500 puppies every year — that's about 42 dogs per month! That’s a lot of name-storming! So we’ve developed a method to make our naming process a little easier and more uniform. Click Here.

Dog Training Video Tips

We’ve been raising and training Seeing Eye dogs — and matching them with people who are blind — for over 90 years. So we know what you’re going through! Bringing home a new pup (of any age) is wonderful and exciting, but it can be tough. That’s why we’ve gathered all of our best dog training advice here in one spot. Learn More