Ida & Gretchen

A smiling Ida in a red sundress has her arm wrapped around Gretchen

The last few years have been quite a whirlwind of activity and accomplishment for Ida. She graduated from college with a degree in computer science and started working for one of America’s largest financial firms.

She’s accomplished these goals with hard work, drive, and determination. Another key to her success: her Seeing Eye® dog!


Ida first learned about The Seeing Eye from her brother — who is also blind. “I knew a Seeing Eye dog was what I wanted, too,” Ida says. “Through friends and family, I always heard great things about The Seeing Eye. They are the best of the best. Now I know it’s true!”

During college, Ida’s first Seeing Eye dog was Evie. “From the wonderful, indescribable moment I met her,” Ida says, “I knew we would build something wonderful together.” 

And they did! Evie helped Ida make new friends, navigate campus, travel to new places, and step outside her comfort zone into what Ida calls her “journey of acceptance.”

When Ida graduated from college and Evie retired, it was time to take another step on that journey: starting her career in New York City. With Gretchen, a yellow Labrador retriever, as her new partner, this young woman was undaunted by the challenge: “I have to do this,” Ida recalls. “I can do this. I have confidence!” 

Hear more from Ida in her own words:

Every weekday morning, Ida takes the trains to work. Gretchen helps her owner  find a place to sit and then guides her along busy city sidewalks to the office. As Ida works, Gretchen curls up on her dog bed, greeting coworkers as they come by. Then, at the end of each day, Gretchen guides Ida home safely again. 

Thanks to Gretchen, “A walk in the city is now ‘a walk in the park’,Ida says. She cherishes the relaxed “off-duty” moments at home, too. That’s when Gretchen’s silliness, playful nature, and curiosity emerge.

Ida’s also grateful to each and every Seeing Eye supporter. A Seeing Eye dog, she says, “is one of the greatest, most meaningful gifts you can give to someone who is blind!”

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