Apply to Raise a Puppy

Shep puppy

A young black and tan German shepherd puppy looks curiously into the camera with round eyes and ears that are upright, but might flop over at any moment.

Until a Seeing Eye dog is ready for training, he or she lives with a puppy raising or foster family that gives the dog love, gentle guidance, and consistent care. You and your family (children AND adults) can nurture a puppy to accomplish its special destiny. Families in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, New Castle County in Delaware, and parts of Maryland, give the dogs abundant affection, teach them basic obedience, and expose them to a variety of social situations they will later encounter as working dogs. Many of these volunteer families have children, while a number of retired adults also volunteer their time for our puppies.

Even though our puppies are bred for their intelligence and loving temperament, raising a Seeing Eye puppy takes a lot of love, patience and understanding! Seeing Eye puppy raisers will tell you: The reward of knowing you changed someone’s life is well-worth the sacrifice when it comes time to return your puppy to The Seeing Eye. The Seeing Eye covers all veterinary expenses for its puppies and provides a stipend towards the cost of the puppy’s food.

Golden pup

A young, fluffy golden retriever puppy rests on a blanket and looks towards the camera with ears perked and bright eyes.

Each puppy raising family must join their regional puppy raising club and attend regular training meetings and socialization outings. For more information about becoming a puppy raiser, consult the list of clubs and Seeing Eye Area Coordinators below, then contact the area coordinator for your county. You will be invited to a puppy club meeting in your county where you can learn more about the program first-hand. For more information, e-mail the Puppy Placement department at

Below is a listing of all the counties where we place puppies. If you think you might like to be one of those very special people who raise puppies for The Seeing Eye, please call the area coordinator for your region. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kristin Motta: (973) 722-3006

Please contact Kristin for more information if you live in the counties below:

  • Hunterdon County, NJ: 4 Paws to Freedom Seeing Eye Puppy Club
  • Passaic County, NJ: I See for You Puppy Club
  • Somerset County, NJ: K-9 Leaders 4H Seeing Eye® Puppy Club
  • Sussex County, NJ: Love on a Leash Puppy Club
  • Warren County, NJ: Puppy Power Seeing Eye Puppy Club

Jill Jaycox: (201) 454-2046

Please contact Jill for more information if you live in the area below:

  • Southeast Morris County, NJ: Four Footed Leaders" Puppy Club

lap pups

Two black Lab puppies play chew on the same toy in the puppy play room.

Kimberly Winnington: (973) 722-7362

Please contact Kimberly for more information if you live in the counties below:

  • Chester County, PA: Paws and a Cause Seeing Eye Puppy Club
  • Gloucester County, NJ: Forward to the Future Seeing Eye Puppy Club / Salem County (meet together)
  • New Castle County, DE: Guiding Paws of Delaware Seeing Eye Puppy Club
  • Philadelphia County, PA
  • University of Delaware, DE: Puppy Raising Organization of University of Delaware (PROUD)

Christine Higham: (973) 610-9237

Please contact Christine for more information if you live in the counties below:

  • Atlantic County, NJ / Cape May County, NJ (meet together)
  • Burlington County, NJ: Caring Canines of Burlington County Puppy Club / Camden County, NJ (meet together)
  • Cumberland County, NJ: 4H Puppy Power
  • Mercer County, NJ
  • Middlesex County, NJ: Puppy Pals Puppy Club
  • Monmouth County, NJ: Wagging Wonders of Monmouth County Puppy Club
  • Ocean County, NJ: Puppy Power 4H-Seeing Eye Puppy Club
  • Rutgers University Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club

Katie Letson: (973) 997-1652

Please contact Katie for more information if you live in the counties below:

  • Bergen County, NJ: Caring Eyes Puppy Club
  • Essex County, NJ: Eyes of Hope Puppy Club
  • Northwest Morris County, NJ: Puppy Tails Puppy Club
  • Southwest Morris County, NJ: Paws for a Cause Puppy Club

Shannon Rager: (862) 246-5889

Please contact Shannon for more information if you live in the counties below:

  • Berks County, PA
  • Bucks County, PA
  • Lehigh County, PA: Lehigh County Seeing Eye Puppy Club
  • Luzerne County, PA: Pawsabilities Seeing Eye Puppy Club of Luzerne County
  • Montgomery County, PA: Montgomery County 4H Seeing Eye Puppy Club
  • Northampton County, PA

Libby Dietrich: (973) 493-1354

Please contact Libby for more information if you live in the counties below:

  • Adams County, PA: Adams County 4-H Seeing Eye Puppy Pals Club
  • Carroll County, MD: 4 Pawed Freedom Seeing Eye Puppy Club
  • Cumberland County, PA: Cumberland County VIP (Very Important Puppy) Club
  • Franklin County, PA: Paws for Independence
  • Juniata County, PA: Future Loving Eyes
  • Lancaster County, PA / Lebanon County, PA (meet together): Puppies with a Purpose 
  • York County, PA: Loving Eyes 4-H Seeing Eye Puppy Club