Selected Video Highlights

In addition to The Seeing Eye’s puppies and dogs being marvelous animals, they provide many photo and video opportunities.  This selection of videos presents information about our dogs, our programs, and our graduates.  They can be accessed online, with information that children and adults will enjoy, and from which they will learn.

For children…

Children’s Video (2:48) is a brief run-through of The Seeing Eye’s program from a puppy’s perspective.  It is suitable for younger children.

Guide Dog at Work (1:03) emphasizes the important work that Seeing Eye dogs do, and that they shouldn’t be distracted or disturbed when they are on the job.

General Interest…

Puppy Playroom (2:43) shows how Seeing Eye puppies are exposed to other puppies and many experiences in the first few weeks of their lives.  There are floor textures and things to play with and climb on.  Many sounds of the world are played in the Puppy Playroom so the dogs get used to hearing them from their earliest days.  It’s very cute.

New Beginnings (6:40) is an overview of The Seeing Eye, including its history, and its breeding, puppy raising, and training programs.

Puppy Raising (2:09) tells what is involved – the joys, rewards, and hard work – of raising a puppy in The Seeing Eye’s puppy raising program.

Seeing Eye Dog Training (3:52) explains the basics that take place in four months of training during which we teach the skills each Seeing Eye dog must master.

Breeding Program Part I (5:20) & Breeding Program Part II (6:12) is an in-depth look at the intricacies of breeding dogs at The Seeing Eye, including our state-of-the-art facility and the many precautions we follow to ensure the health of our puppies.

Harnessing Freedom (18:39) is a lengthy but thorough discussion of The Seeing Eye, its history, its programs, and how it benefits people who are blind or visually impaired.

Graduate Testimonials…

Most meaningful of all are testimonials from graduates – people who come to The Seeing Eye to receive dogs to help them live full and independent lives.  Here are reports from four graduates in completely different life situations, each of whom is very happy with the decision to get a Seeing Eye dog.

Susan and Logan (4:39) tells about a government intelligence analyst turned practicing psychologist working in New York City.

Brenda Emerson
(3:35) took a job at the National Education Association (NEA) in Washington, D.C. that involves extensive travel throughout the country.

An Extraordinary Dog (4:37) tells of two Seeing Eye graduates and how their dogs have helped them be “ordinary people” with the help of their Seeing Eye dogs.