There are few workplaces as fulfilling as The Seeing Eye. Our employees do meaningful work and go home at the end of the day knowing they've made a difference. The Seeing Eye employs about 150 people at our Morristown, New Jersey campus, with jobs ranging from kennel workers to fundraising specialists.

Quite frequently, people ask us, "How can I become a Seeing Eye® instructor?" Staff instructors are full-time employees who hold college degrees from various fields of study and have successfully completed three years of specialized on-the-job training. They relate well to dogs and people and are physically fit, since their jobs are physically demanding and involve working outdoors in all weather.

Current Openings

The Seeing Eye is looking to fill the following positions:

Canine Geneticist

Background Information

The Seeing Eye, Inc., founded in 1929, is the world’s oldest organization devoted to breeding, raising, and training dogs to work as guides for blind people. The Seeing Eye’s training facility is located in Morristown, New Jersey. In addition to the training facility, The Seeing Eye operates a canine breeding center where about 500 newborn puppies greet the world each year. About two-thirds of puppies born are either German Shepherd Dogs or Labrador Retrievers, with the remaining one-third split about equally between Golden Retrievers and Lab x Golden crossbred puppies.

In 1980, The Seeing Eye began implementing a breeding program initially designed to genetically improve hip quality and the ability of dogs to work as guides. After 8 generations of selection, most dogs possessed hips of dramatically improved quality, while also having improved behavior characteristics making them well-suited for working as guides. Occasionally new health problems arise that sometimes have an underlying genetic basis. When these conditions appear, the geneticist, working closely with the veterinary staff, needs to assess the quality of scientific information known about the condition, then the geneticist decides how the selection goals should be modified to genetically move the population away from the production of additional affected puppies. In addition to medical conditions, the geneticist is also responsible for analyzing performance data and the use of estimated breeding values for selection to improve the physical and behavioral traits desired in dogs for the program.

Endowed Chair

The Jane H. Booker Chair in Canine Genetics was created with a generous gift from the namesake’s foundation. The person hired for this position will hold the endowed chair title, and will report to the President and CEO.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Work closely and collaboratively with the departments of Instruction and Training, Canine Development, and Canine Medicine and Surgery to ensure a steady supply of sound, healthy dogs for the program.
  2. Generate and optimize estimated breeding values (EBV) for use in selection and management processes, including the use of frozen semen stored on studs now retired from breeding.
  3. Identify and standardize phenotypic measures in collaboration with peers for future utilization in research and genomic selection.
  4. Manage phenotypic and genomic data organization and the tracking of phylogenetic information.
  5. Update the current genetic program and continue the transition towards genomic selection.
  6. Collaboratively oversee the selection and retirement of breeding dogs, acting to minimize increases in the coefficient of inbreeding over time.
  7. Perform literature reviews on medical and behavioral conditions affecting Seeing Eye colony bred dogs and identify researchers in areas of particular interests.
  8. Collaborate with others within the organization to develop scientific papers for publication.
  9. Provide dog/student/graduate related statistical data analysis expertise to other departments.

Required Qualifications

  1. Advanced degree in animal breeding, quantitative genetics, bioinformatics, computational biology, or a related discipline.
  2. Understanding of statistical measures and how to utilize them for decision making.
  3. Familiarity with generating estimated breeding values and future manipulation to address changing breeding objectives and technology.
  4. Familiarity with computer programming and ability to manipulate data (expertise in Excel and capabilities in using software or databases such as Access, R, python, etc.).
  5. Familiarity with and ability to use and develop ontologies.
  6. Ability to conduct genome-wide association studies to identify genetic markers for use in breeding and management decisions.
  7. Experience in multi-disciplinary collaborations leveraging the expertise of individuals across varying fields.
  8. Experience in literature review and critique.
  9. Ability to organize and present data in an informative manner.
  10. Project management experience.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to:

Randall E. Ivens, Director, Human Resources
The Seeing Eye, Inc., P.O. Box 375, Morristown, NJ 07963-0375, or,
via e-mail to jobs2@seeingeye.org, or,
by fax to (973) 993-1714

Administrative Assistant

The Seeing Eye, the pioneer of dog guide schools, is seeking candidates for the position of Administrative Assistant in our Donor and Public Relations department. For 89 years, The Seeing Eye has enhanced the independence, dignity, and self-confidence of blind people through the use of Seeing Eye® dogs. From its campus outside Morristown, NJ, and a nearby state-of-the-art breeding station, The Seeing Eye’s 155-member staff matches and trains about 275 teams of graduates and dog guides each year.

The Administrative Assistant will report directly to the Director of Donor and Public Relations. This position is heavily focused on customer relations. Outstanding interpersonal and relationship skills are required for interacting with Seeing Eye graduates, volunteers, donors and funders. Excellent written and oral communications skills are a must. Candidates must have strong organizational skills with the ability to prioritize work and meet deadlines. Candidate must be self-motivated with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Five years of related experience is preferred. Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite is required. Experience with Raisers Edge a plus. Position offers a competitive salary, comprehensive employee benefits, and superior work environment.

For immediate consideration, send cover letter and resume to Linda Swanson, The Seeing Eye, Inc., P.O. Box 375, Morristown, NJ 07963-0375; e-mail at jobs2@seeingeye.org; FAX (973) 993-1714. EOE

Housekeeping/Food Service Assistant

Two part-time openings are available immediately for qualified individuals to join the Food Service and Housekeeping staff at The Seeing Eye’s Morristown campus.

The responsibilities of this position include all cleaning duties related to the student bedrooms, bathrooms and lounge areas. This includes dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping floors, change bedding, turn mattresses and a variety of other tasks. Food Service responsibilities include serving meals, dining room preparation and clean-up after meals.

One year of prior housekeeping experience preferred. Ability to lift/carry up to 20 lbs. Periods of standing, walking, reaching, bending and kneeling are required. Must be able to work independently and follow instructions regarding tasks and functions.

Days and hours will vary based on scheduling needs. 20 hours per week. Some holiday and weekend work required. Competitive salary.

For further consideration, send resume to Linda Swanson at jobs2@seeingeye.org or fax to (973) 644-5398.

The Seeing Eye is an Equal Opportunity Employer