Meet Our Graduates

Our dogs are amazing. So are our graduates! Here are some of their stories.

Mollie and Newton, and Jeffery and Gadget, just wanted to be ordinary parents. "They realized mom is different, but in a great way!"

Callie and Misty share a special bond. "She wants to be with me all the time."

Cally and Apache love to explore. "The first time I picked up the harness, it was like entering another world."

Carissa and Bonnie learned to work together. "I expected Bonnie to be perfectly trained when I met her. Well, she was -- but I wasn't!"

Céline and Irene are a bi-lingual team. "I praise her in both languages – bonne fille, bon chien, good girl, atta girl!"

Joseph and Enya are a perfect match. "She's my little rocket dog."

Robert and Snickers can get through anything together. "Don't let life get you down."

Susan and Logan zip around the tourists in New York City. "It feels so freeing to be able to walk at the speed I want again."

Tim and Orson never give up. "Partnering with my Seeing Eye dog Orson has been transformational."

Read more stories about our graduates in Partners: Tales From The Seeing Eye (PDF).