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Raising, training and matching Seeing Eye® dogs is our labor of love. Read the blog to stay current on all of our latest and greatest.

Cedric with his arm around his dog Eric, a yellow Lab/golden retriever cross in harness, in their official Seeing Eye portrait.

Q&A with Seeing Eye grad Cedric

June 26, 2023

Read a Q&A with Cedric — and meet his dog Eric!

Two Seeing Eye dogs, both golden retrievers, rest under their handlers' chairs in the seating area by an airport gate.

U.S. Regulations for Air Travel with Service Animals

June 23, 2023

Helpful links from the DOT and airline carriers.

Dean is guided by Gus, a black and tan German shepherd, along the sidewalk of an apartment building.

Building Trust: Dean & His Six Shepherds

June 22, 2023

Dean recounts the important lessons he’s learned over the years as a Seeing Eye dog handler.

Freida, a black Lab, lies next to Katherine on a dock overlooking a large lake and an array of mountains.

The Perfect Match: Katherine & Frieda

May 24, 2023

Katherine’s journey to being matched with her best friend and Seeing Eye dog, Frieda.

A cartoon golden retriever is smiling while wearing noise-cancelling headphones. Fireworks explode in the sky behind him. Text reads,

5 Tips: Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks

May 19, 2023

Each year, reports of lost or missing pets increase immediately following holidays with fireworks. Follow these 5 important tips to ensure your furry family remains safe.

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