The Seeing Eye Viewpoint

Raising, training and matching Seeing Eye® dogs is our labor of love. Read the blog to stay current on all of our latest and greatest.

A graduate is photographed from behind. Over her shoulder you can see Times Square with a mounted police officer, traffic and pedestrians beneath large and colorful electronic billboards. The black Lab stands beside her handler at a crosswalk, the team waiting for the opportunity to proceed.

A Look Inside: Class

August 25, 2021

When they are in class, our students are given both structured and tailored learning opportunities with their new dogs.

Glenn Hoagland stands with a father and his three daughters with their German shepherd puppy. Above them a sign reads “Lehigh County Seeing Eye Puppy Club”

A Look Inside: Puppy Club Meeting

August 9, 2021

Puppy raisers support our mission by raising Seeing Eye puppies from 7 weeks of age until they are around 14- to 16-months-old and ready to return to The Seeing Eye for formal training with one of our guide dog mobility instructors.

Remembering Alydar

August 9, 2021

I know you may have happy memories and heartwarming stories about your own pets, and we’d love to hear them.

Seeing Eye President Glenn Hoagland stands with Absecon Veterinary staff in front of the clinic's front entrance. They are all smiling as Glenn hands one of the staff members of framed photo of Seeing Eye dogs and puppies.

The Seeing Eye Forms Partnership with Absecon Veterinary Hospital

August 1, 2021

The Seeing Eye and Absecon Veterinary Hospital hosted a lunch and learn at the Absecon, N.J. veterinary practice.

A yellow Labrador retriever sitting next to a small stream with a fast-running stream of bright blue water. In the distance behind him are mountains. Photo was taken in Switzerland.

Back to where it all began!

June 17, 2021

Seeing Eye breeder dog goes to Switzerland

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